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The upholstery and carpet cleaning services are a very demanding business in Scotland. Both residential and commercial clients seek this service. The business is very competitive. If you want to advertise your business here, then you can do so at a very affordable rate. As the site is about upholstery and carpet cleaning, you will find lots of prospective customers for your brand here who will be looking for the best services.

We understand that besides the big businesses, there are also small- and medium-sized cleaning companies. We want to make our advertising options affordable to all. That’s why we offer several advertising options to our clients.

Newsletter ads

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As we send monthly newsletters to our clients, this is a good chance to expose your brand to our readers. You can place your ad in our newsletter. The newsletter contains interesting articles related to upholstery and carpet cleaning. So, as the readers read the articles, they will notice your ad and contact you.

Social media ads

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Social media ads are very effective in reaching a large number of prospective customers. You can design an ad for our social media pages. Along with the various posts we publish on social media, we can post your ad. You will be happy to notice the number of visitors increasing on your site.

Banner ads

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We have a lot of slots for the banner ads. You can place your ads on the top of the page or the sidebars. The cost of the ads varies according to the size and placement. It also depends on the duration of the ad. This is a very effective way of promoting your brand.

If you want to learn more about these ad options, you can contact us or arrange a meeting with us. We will be happy to walk you through the entire process of placing ads here.