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Tips to help care for your Leather Furniture

Many people are tempted to use general household products to clean their leather furniture. General cleaning products found in the home contain harmful chemicals which will ultimately cause the pigment in your leather furniture to crack or peel. Using baby wipes for leather cleaning is probably the worst thing you can do as they actually break down the finish and will eventually ruin it. Leather furniture can be cleaned and cared for but this must be done correctly to help maintain a high level of appearance.

The most common type of leather is 'pigmented' also known as 'protected' leather which has a durable lacquer finish. A common problem with leather furniture is dye transfer. This happens when the lacquer finish wears down through general wear and tear. Dye can then transfer from people's clothes, particularly denim jeans, to the leather seating.  To properly clean leather use a specially formulated leather cleaning product followed by a leather protector. The protector coats the leather and helps to repel dirt and stains making future leather cleaning much more successful.

Follow these tips to care for your leather furniture :-

1. Dust leather on a weekly basis or just wipe with a damp cloth which will re-hydrate the leather and prevent it drying out.
2. Do not overwet and never over-rub your leather furniture.
3. Test any specialised leather cleaning products on a hidden area before use
4. Position leather furniture away from radiators as heat can damage
5. Do not clean leather using soap.       
6. Place leather furniture out of direct sunlight as it is prone to fading.
7. Do not clean leather with furniture polish.
8. Do not use baby wipes or general cleaning products to clean leather furniture.           
9. Do not use conditioning products as these contain oils and wax which clog up the pores of the leather.

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