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Dust Mites - The Facts

House dust mites are tiny (up to 0.3 mm) animals related to ticks and spiders and live in house dust. They are not visible to the human eye. They are microscopic organisms that thrive in warm and humid houses. At least 10% of the population suffer from some type of dust mite allergy. It is not actually house dust mites themselves that cause allergic reactions, but a substance in their faeces which is inhaled and triggers an allergic reaction in many people, (e.g. allergic rhinitus). They eat the skin we shed and leave droppings everywhere they go. Their droppings contain left-over enzymes which the mites use to digest the skin they eat. It is these enzymes that can trigger asthma and other allergy symptoms.

The mites prefer to live in beds and, because we spend about a third of the day in bed, we inhale large quantities of dust mite allergens. Where the atmosphere is warm and humid they breed quickly and it can be hard to reduce their numbers - millions can be found in every home, mainly in mattresses and bedding. They find a mattress the perfect breeding ground. With warmth and moisture and no natural enemies, they will establish in a mattress within several months. And of course its full of their favourite flakes, what every human being sheds every day and night, no matter what their age, sex or state of health.

To combat dust mites in your mattress there is an excellent dry mattress cleaning service available which will remove dust mites and other debris from deep within a mattress. The mattress cleaning process is completely dry so there is no danger of mould developing which could happen if attempting to clean a mattress using hot water. This process is ideal for dust mite allergy sufferers. also a good service to use when moving into rented accommodation to clean a mattress already in situ.

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